About Me

Workstation Support Technician with 25 years experience working for clients ranging from R&D and manufacturing facilities, to State Government, and chemical companies.

Enjoy making videos and taking pictures.

Hi, I’m George!

My professional experience is mostly Windows desktop support in an office and laboratory environment.

The past 8 years have been interesting at work.  I am supporting a few Apple MacBook Pro and Air computers, several iPads, iPhones (too many to count), and we started rolling out Windows 10.

In October 1998 I started the process to earn my MCSE for Windows NT 4.0.  I spent the next 12 months reading each books, working hands on with Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server, taking the practice exams, and earning my MCSE in October 1999.

I like working with youth, so I joined the Boy Scouts of America when my son was in First Grade.  As he progressed within Scouts, I have volunteered for different positions such as Den Leader, Assistant Cub Master, Cub Master, Assistant Scoutmaster, and finally Scoutmaster.  We camp almost every month.  I am thrilled to say my son has surpassed me in Scouts and has earned his Life Rank (March 2019).  I look forward to seeing him earn the rank of Eagle.

I’ve also been involved as a driver parent for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop before she changed her priorities.  She is a talented artist and musician, and I enjoy hearing her play the flute in concert and jazz band.  She has a flair for cooking and baking and is interested in culinary arts.

Some of my other hobbies include, flying my drone, shooting videos and pictures with my GoPro and Insta360 One X.  Besides videos for our Boy Scout troop, most of them are experimenting with new devices, or trying out something new for a friend.

I like using Aple products. I like having my text messages available on any device and taking calls on my MacBook Pro and switching back to the phone works well for me.  I only use Windows for work, and have given up on Linux.  After fixing computer problems for 8 hours, I want to use my Apple devices without having to fix something.

What I Do and What I Like

I like to go camping

I like to shoot videos

I ride a bicycle

I love using Apple products

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